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Silver Shiny Metallic Zentai Full body Zentai Suit

  • Model: MZ012
  • Weight: 0.37kg


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Color: Silver
Pattern: NMetallic Spandex
Surface: Shiny
Air Permeability: Medium
Elasticity: Medium
Weight: 0.37kg

Shiny Metallic Zentai Lycra fullbody Zentai Suit.please noticed that the metallic suit looks very shiny and sexy,but it's elasticity less than lycra fabric. so please check our size description,see More details and how to measure and give us your correct size,to make sure the suit is more fit for you.
Process Time:2-3working days Shipping Time:3-7working days
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Size Charts

1.It'll have a deviation about 3-5cm, which is up to the different elasticity of fabric.
2.Do not use washing powder and bleach for washing.
3.If you have any specital requirements,please feel free to contact our customer service department via .we will get back to you within 24 hours and satify all your needs.
Size Chart for Men
Standard Size XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Height 5'1"-5'3" 5'3"-5'5" 5'5"-5'7" 5'7"-5'9" 5'9"-5'11" 5'11"-6'1" 6'1"-6'3"
Bust 31"-33" 32"-34" 34"-36" 35"-37" 36"-39" 37"-40" 39"-41"
Waist 25"-28" 27"-30" 29"-31" 31"-33" 33"-35" 35"-37" 37"-39"
Hip 32"-34" 33"-35" 34"-37" 35"-38" 37"-39" 38"-40" 39"-41"
Size Chart for Women
Standard Size XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Height 59"-5'1" 5'1"-5'3" 5'3"-5'5" 5'5"-5'7" 5'7"-5'9" 5'9"-5'11" 5'11"-6'1"
Bust 28"-31" 30"-33" 32"-35" 34"-37" 36"-39" 38"-41" 40"-43"
Waist 23"-26" 25"-28" 27"-30" 29"-32" 31"-34" 33"-36" 35"-38"
Hip 29"-32" 31"-34" 33"-36" 35"-38" 37"-40" 39"-42" 41"-44"
Size Chart for Kids
Standard Size S M L
inch inch inch
Height 4'0-4'2 4'3-4'5 4'6-4'8
Bust 22''-24'' 25''-27'' 28''-30''
Please illuminate your detailed size requirement in the order
  1.Height (compulsory)
2.Weight (compulsory)
3.Head Size
4.Neck Size
5.Bust Size
6.Waist Size
7.Hip Size
8.Thigh Size
9.Ankle Size
10.Shoulder Width
12.B.C.( biceps circumference)
13.Wrist Size
14.Leg Length(from thigh to ankle)
15.Foot Length
16.Torso Length


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  • 10/07/2013
  • I would like to order a silver metallic zentai full body suit for my daughter. I wanted to speak to someone in your customer service department but I can't seem to get through. Would a representative please reach me at 413 885 8729. I would appreciate it. Thank you, Luz
    Admin Reply:
    Hi Ok, you can contact us via email, and our email address is
  • Name:Lesbian power
  • 09/17/2013
  • Lots of pleasure very tight!_3 for me my wife's to fuck and enjoy pleasure in and great for some fun bondage

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