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What is Zentai

What is zentai? From Wiki, zentai is a term for skin-tight garments that cover the entire body. There are several variations based on the Zentai suit including mummy bag (similar to a sleepsack) and hybrid suits consisting of either a single leg and arms, or separate legs and no arms. Generally, zentai is one special kinds of tights.


The name of tight was born in 1886, and at the beginning, the tights is for those who engaged in the sports and acrobatics, at that time, both the design and fabric are very rough. During 1920 to 1930, the tights become one popular style of swimsuit gradually, and now women full body swimsuits have still used in today. And then, the tights began to used for some dancer, such as the people who danced in Broadway. Until 1970s, the tights began wildly used in people's daily clothes and sportswear. And now, the tights even displace the bra and shorts to become the most common sports clothes. And, zentai is one special type of tights, and as the time goes by, zentai become a kind of fashion gradually, although the process is very hard.

current situation

As the development of fashion industry, the full body tights also have their new name--zentai, it is also called the second skin. Now this fashion spreads all over the world, even form some organization groups, and the enthusiasts can exchange experiences and feelings each other freely. Even some enthusiasts wearing all the days. Maybe now you would not feel strange when you see the zentai in the street, after Lady Gaga wearing all kinds of tights on TV shows and then leading one fashion trend.


Now the people who own zentai have been divided to two group,one is the "entirely zentai" people, that is mean they could wearing zentai at any occations,such as friends's meeting, shopping ect. The other one also love zentai, but they do not know zentai was suit for which occasions. According to the zentai enthusiasts, they usually wearing the suits to take part in all kinds of comic-con, grand-scale fancy ball, friends'parties, Carnival and Halloween party.


According to several sources, most zentai people are attacted by the cool costume design such as the spiderman costume or superman costume at the beginning, however, more people who love zentai are for the comfortable and freedom feelings that zentai give them. The situation seems like among all the zentai suits, spandex zentai is the most popular, the fabric is very soft and elastic, when people wearing it would feel the tight fitting but freedom feelings. In zentai suits, you can breathe freely, move freely, even you would feel more comfortable than our daily clothes. And the zentai can also very glaring, the metallic zentai is made by one reflective material, it could refract shiny shine on the under the sun or light. Besides these feature, one new style zentai come into people's sights--latex zentai, you may found them on the popular action films, it adopt one special material latex, it could fully joint body curve and is very shiny and slippy. How about? Could not wait for try them?

Target users

Zentai suits do not have any restriction for people, but following people should notice that if they suit wearing zentai.

  • 1.The people who is allergic to the spandex, metallic, PVC, Latex and some other material of zentai.
  • 2.Pregnant Women would better not wearing the tights during their pregnancy to avoid the extrusion to fetus.
  • 3.The people who suffer from heart disease, hypertension or similar diseases should pay attention to keeping good ventilation effect.
  • 4.The children who under 5 years old would better wearing the tights in adults, for safety.

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